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1 Safety Featured

Before you begin any repair, make sure you fully understand the necessary steps and that you can safely and competently use the required tools. Only use replacement parts of the same size specifications and capacity as your original part. Always have a first…

2 How to use a multimeter

3 HP Battery Recall

This is the information needed for the HP Battery Safety Recall: The correct phone number to call in regards to the recall is 888-202-4320 .

4 Samsung Washer Recall- How to Determine the Recall Kit is Installed

Samsung tips on recall; what to look for and how to check them if completed. 7401SA1, 7401STL, 7401STM, 7401ST1 & 7401SG1 all have the hook kit with overlays, do not remove stickers. First, look through the gap between the tub and top panel. Look near…