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Flag for Program Manager Review
Author: Zach Gilliam Reference Number: AA-00478 Views: 1123 Created: 2019-03-13 23:50 Last Updated: 2019-03-14 16:25 0 Rating/ Voters

The Flag for Program Manager Review field is a field within Aaron's NetSuite that was created to make it quick and easy for agents to send the Aaron's Management Team important information such as missing product SKU's, important troubleshooting information that can be added to the KB or shared with the team, links to product manuals etc.

When using the Flag for Program Manager Review field please keep in mind as to what information you are sending. If you simply send a new product SKU but you don't send any other information on the product itself there is a good chance the Aaron's Management Team won't know what product the SKU belongs to and the information then becomes useless. 

A few things to remember are when using the Flag for Program Manager Review field for missing product SKU's or to send troubleshooting information is that you gather the missing product SKU or SKU of the product you are sending troubleshooting information about, the model number of the product and a brief description of the product. You will also want to remember to check the box just to the left of where it says Flag for Program Manager Review by simply clicking on the box. If the box is not checked when you save the case the information will not be sent. Below are a couple of examples of how to use the Flag for Program Manager Review field.


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